Winter Palace (Зимний дворец) in St. Petersburg, Russia

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how do you tell your friend that they have a super hot friend without coming off as super gay???

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Lily Collins for ASOS

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greek mythology meme: [1-2/7] gods

artemis & apollo

Artemis and Apollo were the twins of Zeus and Leto. Since their father was already married to Hera, their mother was relentlessly pursued by her, and could not rest long enough to give birth. Eventually, Leto found refuge on the floating isle of Delos and gave birth to Artemis, who then assisted with the birth of her twin brother Apollo.

Artemis became the virgin goddess of wilderness and hunting, but also the patroness of childbirth and the protector of young girls; Apollo became the god of oracles and prophecy, music, poetry, archery, and disease, but also the protector of young boys. Together, the twins were also harbingers of illness and sudden death. 

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Who’s your best friend? Your best friend in the whole world?

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